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Wordpress Website Help And Support,
From LSEO To WP Setups.
We Make It Easy For You.

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WordPress Troubles No More… Local SEO so easy, when you have a WP Buddy on hand to help and guide you.

Do Not Fear

Do not stress about Security issues
or the like.
Brian Can Help..

Security No Problems

Wordpress site protection is easy to setup and WP Buddy can put you right, don’t worry.

WordPress Buddy

Its like having a friend in the know,
who wants you to succeed.

Someone In The Know

Brian wants to help you succeed in all ways helping you better your self online, with a blog or business.

Who Is Brian?

Brian’s Flagship Site & Passion.


Christian Spiritual Living is my passion website, I love it and its my way of giving back.
Christian Spiritual Living


You can find me all over, look me up on FaceBook on CSL,
I have over FIVE & HALF THOUSAND Followers.

CSL FaceBook

WP Buddy is Brian’s outreach program.

To help people who want an online presents but ether fear it, or just do not know how to get going and run a site.

Managed WP Sites

Updates, Help, Setups, 1-2-1 Help

Brian Alone Has Years & Years Of Experience.


Hiya Brian Here, people often say to me,

“Brian if I know all the things you no, I’d be rich?”

In one respect they have a point! The thing is, although I can Code in 4 different languages, code wordpress plugins as well as design it and coding apple apps in Swift.

Money does not motivate me, it does not excite me.

So I decided to act like a WP Consultant but with a more hands on approach.

Here are some key benefits
  • WordPress consulting (advice and support)
  • Dedicated 1 2 1 Support.
  • Local SEO Help & Support
  • Peace of Mind, You Have Help.
  • Plugins, Updates, Site management.
  • Buddy Service Just Ask
  • iOS App To Website

Some Local SEO Stats Worth Knowing…

Of Google Searches Are Looking For Local Info
Of People Click On Page 1 In Search
Click On No 1 In The Search
Of Consumers Who Look Local, Look Online.

Amazing Flexibility It’s Like Your Own I.T

You’re talking to Brian Not A Faceless Company Who JUST WANTS Your WP Budget.

Many People Fear Starting Up A WP Site, Not Any More!

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Brian Only Works With 10 New People At Any One Time.

Brian is soon to re-open his door to work with 10 people.